ibd Just Gel

ibd just gel is just one of many gel polishes available at the moment. What makes it different is it's long lasting high shine, fantastic durability, great colour range and easy removal. 

 Here are the colours I have at the moment 
 If you fancy a little bit of sparkle we can add some glitter 
I couldn't wait for christmas so I've got these purple glitter nails at the moment 
If you want to shine more subtly this graphite glitter is great 

Because the glitter is encased in the gel polish you don't get the rough feeling you can get with polish and the removal is not awful like glitter polish. 
If your feeling very fancy you can get some real 24 carat gold leaf added to your polish like this
or maybe some designs like this
The colour combinations and glitter combinations are endless this is one of my favourites, Teal and copper

I have got lots of pots of glitters, pigments and foils to create lots of different looks if you can't see what you are thinking of just ask
Stacie xoxox

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