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Friday, 9 August 2013

IBD just gel vintage roses

This design is a favorite with my clients I've done it twice this week alone :D It is perfect because it's so pretty and looks great. 

I used ibd just gel in Hot Springs for the base colour and Juliette and Gerber Daisy for the roses and Jupiter Blue for the leaves which you probably can't see. 
Everyone always says they get a lot of compliments on their nails when they have this which is so lovely :D

Monday, 6 August 2012

Tia's Sleepover party

Here are some pictures from the my niece Tia's birthday sleepover this weekend.

They were all really happy with their nails which was great :D 

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Random instagram nails

1. IBD just gel in Jupiter Blue 2. IBD Just gel in Blue Maven with  IBD Just Gel Fireworks on top 3. IBD Just Gel in Jupiter Blue with IBD Just Gel in Whipped Cream polka dots 4. Drawing some designs out to plan my nail wheels (which are still waiting to be done!)

5. Models own Indian Ocean 6. IBD French Manicure with IBD Just Gel in Sea Pearl over the top 7. Fruit Salad nails where I forgot to put the white rind on the watermelon! 8. Nail Polish Rack in the Salon/Nail Bar 9. Frame from Next filled with Scrapbook paper to decorate the nail bar/salon

10. Another view of the nail bar 11. Inspiration board in the nail bar 12. Welcome sign I made from a blank canvas and scrapbooking papers and letters for the nail bar

Hope you enjoyed this post I know everyone hasn't got Instagram if you have sorry you've seen these a while ago
Stacie xoxox