Sunday, 2 October 2011

Black and White with coloured tips - with tutorial

Hi Everyone
Thanks for the comments on Florence. She is too cute. Amazing how quickly you can love a little puppy or bunny! Mustn't forget Bluebell she is taking it all really well bless her.  I know that isn't why you come here though!
I watched Beetlejuice a few weeks ago and decided to paint my nails with black and white stripes with different coloured tips.
 Sorry the picture isn't the best. I played with the settings on my camera and didn't realise how pants they were until I loaded them up and I had taken the nails off a couple of weeks before.
I used the thin tape you can get from ebay for 99p for 10 colours to mask off the white base coat. On one of the nails I tried using the white coloured tape on top of black as I hadn't masked off enough stripes on one nail but the tape isn't opaque enough to cover black. Good to know for the future eh!
I had varying results with the colours I used for the tips. Not all can compete the with black and white stripes sucessfully.

I used tip guides to mark of the section I wanted to colour. I think this is quite an easy manicure to replicate which is still effective.

1. Prepare the nail using a good base coat
2. Paint nails white - I used Color Club french tip as it is opaque in one coat - wait until it is completely dry.

3. Place 3-4 pieces of tape along the nail where you want it to stay white - you could do horizontal stripes or diagonal stripes for a different look.
 4. Paint the nail black. I used MUA shade 2 (or whatever number the black is) because it is opaque in one coat and dries quickly.
 5. Remove the tape keeping it in line with the tape still stuck down. If you veer off to the side it can make the line less crisp. I realised this is where I had gone previously!
6. Coat of Seche Vite and wait for it to dry completely.
 7. Place a tip guide at the line where you want the coloured polish to stop.
 8. Paint the tip the bright colour of your choice. You may need two coats to cover the black stripes depending on the colour.

So I hope you enjoy creating these nails

Stacie xoxox