Saturday, 26 February 2011


Sooo I asked what you wanted to see and Emily suggested something a little more edgy so I went for punk! I hope you like it.

Now for some details

Little finger on left hand and Middle finger on right hand: China Glaze in Cheers To You with Barry M Nail Paint in Instant Nail Effects.

Middle finger on left hand and thumb of right hand base coat of Barry M Nail Paint in Black then China Glaze Cheers to you 'dry' brushed on top. I did this using a very short bristled brush which is quite stiff then just pick up a small amount of polish and dab it on the nail. You have to wait for the base coat to dry first though or it will mess it up. On the thumb I then added some Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique stickers a skull and cross bone from one pack and a chain from another pack. I think they are £2 each from superdrug. You get 17 lengths on the chains and about 20 stickers on the skulls one (don't know exactly because I've used some before I counted).

The little finger of the right hand is just Barry M black with a chain sticker on (as above)

Index finger of the right hand I painted black and then drew a skull and cross bones in Models Own Snow White. I also dry brushed some near the top because it looked a bit lost with just the skull and cross bones on it.
Thumb on my left hand I painted black (barry m) and then painted some chains on in a union jack formation in China Glaze Cheers to you.

Both Ring fingers I painted in George at Asda in Superhero and then painted on some tartan style stripes in No7 Stay Perfect in Totally Teal and a yellow nail art pen (cheap ones from Ebay)

And finally my index finger of the right hand. I painted the base colour of Models Own True Blue (possibly my favourite colour ever) and then did the design in red and white nail art pens.

When I finished I decided that the 3 colourful nails stood out too much so I crackle glazed them too!

I hope you like my latest nails. It was a nice change from my normal cute nails, well I they're still cute but they're not girly. I had fun creating them
I used Seche rebuild and Seche Vite as the base and top coats.
Stacie xoxox

Friday, 25 February 2011

Andrea Fulerton Gemstone Overcoat

Quick post got this on a shopping trip last week. Its Andrea Fulerton Gemstone overcoat. She has produced a line of cool products for superdrug including nail art pens and 3 in polishes. You can see the whole range here
The Gemstone Overcoat cost £5.10 for I don't know! I threw the box away. The website says it cost £9.27 for 10ml so I guess it is 5.5ml in the bottle. It has got writing on the bottle itself but it is next to impossible to see because it is silver and that does not show up against the polish. This first picture was taken with my ipod touch in daylight so isn't the best resolution but shows the sparkle and colour well.
Today I kept looking at my nails they looked like fire! I used this over polish over Barry M in Raspberry which is quite a dark raspberry red. I love the look of it.
A couple more shots which don't really show the fire but do show the colour of Barry M polish
So I looked at these photos and thought 'If I was reading this blog I'd want to know what it looked like over other colours' so guess what I did XD
Here's a pic of the colours before I added the top coat or should I say overcoat. I haven't cleaned them up really because I'll be taking it straight off and on to the next project! The colours are Collection 2000 Fast Dry Hot Looks in Dynasty on little finger, Next *the clothes shop!* Get the look for Runway in Blue, Models Own in True Blue (my favourite colour ever!), Barry M in Black and Barry M in Grey.

I took lots of photos and this one is the best out of the bunch. I think it's clear that this looks best on dark polishes black being the best if you want it to stand out. On the pink and pale blue it was hard to see the topcoat in certain angles it just looked blotchy and not a special topcoat.
Stacie xoxox

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Pastel multicolour stripes

I wanted to do some stripes with lots of colours I liked. Really simple to do just need a striper brush and a steady hand. I started with the middle stripe and then one each side until the nail was full. I learnt by the second hand that a nice bead at the end of the striper brush will give a nice finish. If you look at the pictures below you can see the difference in the ring finger. This is because I smudged it and had to redo that finger!

I also went to the cinema with my nieces today and afterward we stopped off at Claire's accessories and got these beauties
I love them!
What kind of manicure would you like me to try next? Let me know in comments.
Stacie xoxox

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Possible Chanel Black Pearl Dupe

I've had this a while and been meaning to swatch it for my blog. When I saw Black Pearl by Chanel I thought I've got that colour what do you think?
This is Black Ice by Lil' Bling. The above was 2 coats with no top coat. I think it was £6 from Boots. The formula is nice. The brush is the normal Barry M, Models Own etc type brush. 15ml so good size for the money.
I think Chanel is slightly green from the swatches I have seen online but not massively different. So do you think this is close enough or do you need the £16.85 Chanel version?
Stacie xoxox 

Giveaway by the Secret Life of a Wannabe Diva

I got this giveaway in my google reader. You can in all this stuff:
 Lauren Conrad's Book - Style 
24 Mac Brush Set with Leather Roll Bag

Soap & Glory; Soaper Heroes Gift Set

Nars Fashion Icon Set Inc: Mini Orgasm & Super Orgasm blush duo, Orgasm nail polish, Super Orgasm lip gloss & Orgasm Multiple

& finally the gorgeous 'Peace, Love & Juicy Couture' fragrance!!
I hope you enter! I have and I hope I win. I'd love the Nars stuff and those gorgeous brushes. What a briliant giveaway!
Love Stacie xoxox

Monday, 21 February 2011

Nails Inc Shoreditch with Daisies

So after a busy busy weekend I wanted to do a super cute but quick manicure. This is so simple to do if you have a nail art pen or 2. Paint your nails in Nails Inc Shoreditch after your preferred base coat (I used Seche Rebuild as my nails are dire at the moment).
Then make a simple flower shape using the nib of your nail art pen. 5 spots in a circle leaving a gap in the middle then fill the gap with a yellow dot.
The result is something like that!
Don't worry if your not perfect with the daisies. Mine aren't just look at this

You can see that the yellow circles are not perfect or central and I have messed up a few of the white bits too but unless someone looks as your nails as closely as the photo above then no one will notice.
I hope you like them and I love reading your comments and appreciate any feedback
Stacie xoxox

Haulage! Essie Merino Cool and so much more!

I had a busy weekend. I went to Milton Keynes shopping with my good friends from Uni. We had great fun and they were patient enough to let me shop for nail varnish too!
Here's some pics of what I got.
I got Seche rebuild and Seche Vite. I strayed from Seche Vite as I was getting bad shrinkage and it got so thick towards the end of the bottle but you cannot deny this stuff dries soooooo quick. Also at the start of the bottle it is lovely. I have am going to be super careful when I close it to make sure it is sealed tightly and I have been cleaning the top of the bottle before I put the lid on to prevent the crusties. I have 3 fingernails which are disintegrating so I bought rebuild. I will let you know how I get on in a few weeks.

I put Merino Cool by Essie as soon as I got home. I got it from John Lewis they didn't have a nice stand or anything it was just a few random nail varnishes on a shelf! It applied well and took 3 thin coats to get full coverage worked well with the Seche rebuild and vite. I think the think I noticed the most was that it was how smooth it looked and although I used 3 coats it didn't feel like I had a lot of polish on. I love the colour too very sophisticated. Would recommend Essie polishes and will get more soon. 

I also got the Andrea Fulerton gemstone topcoat. I used this on my friend and it is a lovely flaky glitter.
MeMeMe in Wild. It doesn't really look like the colour in the picture. It reminded me of Grape Pop by China Glaze which is why I got it.

NYC in Empire State Blue. I think this is being discontinued as it cost 99p. Which is partly why I bought it. I also liked the vibrant colour its got a kind of greeny metallic shine in the light.

 NYC in Starry Silver Glitter. It also cost 99p so I believe it will be discontinued. 

 In addition to the ones I bought my friend gave me Nails inc Shoreditch and a sample size of No7 in Pink Grapefruit.

I will do some swatches on the polishes soon.
Stacie xoxox

Friday, 18 February 2011

Models Own Juicy Jules & Black Crackle

My nails are in a state on my right hand so I've had to file them all down to match or I might look a bit strange!
I've been struggling to find things that look nice on short nails but I think this combination looks good.
First Juicy Jules in her naked state:
Juicy Jules is a nice sparkly polish this is 3 coats which covers the nails pretty well. 
I then added Barry M special effects as a contrast

I couldn't capture the holographic quality of the glitter as it was quite overcast today.
I think this is a funky easy to do manicure that looks good on shorter nails. Its also a good way to wear more loud nail varnish that you wouldn't normally wear. 

I hope my nails grow quickly! I'm going to find something tomorrow to help them 
Stacie xoxox

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tropical flowers

I bought some new polishes this weekend.
I used 17 Fast finish in Out of the Blue (needed 2 thick coats was streaky), Lasting fix in Tropical Island (top orange), Lasting Fix in Orange Soda, Collection 2000 Hot Looks in Lemon Sherbert. Base coat was Orly Nail Armor and Top coat was Sec n dry.
I hope you like them. The clean up isn't great I just wanted to get them finished tonight. The top coat is good in that it drys quickly and I haven't seen any shrinkage, you can paint on lots of layers over a few days and can look very shiny. Down side is that it smudges nail art. I might go back to Seche vite.. love the speed, and that it doesn't mess up the designs but annoyed it goes so gloopy so fast and I have to buy an additional product to sort it out. It also shrinks a lot too. Bit of a top coat review there! 
I hope you all had a lovely valentines day. Me and Chicky did same as every year... nothing! We are not terribly romatic