Thursday, 10 February 2011

Fimo cane nail art

Well I got an Ipod touch today so as I have spent all day playing with that I haven't had much time to do any serious nail art. I did really need to change my nails though because 1) the nail art pen part of the previous design was rubbing off and looked miserable and 2) my nails have started to peel badly on the thumb and first 2 fingers of my right hand. Grr. So they are so short i have to be a bit careful as to what looks ok on both hands.
Anyway this is what I did!

I used the diet coke promotion denim blue, orly nail armour as base coat (hoping this will save my poor, peeling nails)  and orly sec n dry for the top coat. I used butterfly fimo cane (finely sliced). I stuck them on with nail glue after I painted the nails and topcoat. I also used a coat of topcoat after to seal it over slightly.
I don't rate the ipod pictures or think this manicure will last that long. My fine slicing skills are zero so I have sticking out bits on the butterflies which will get caught in everything. I estimate 2 days max for this manicure because of my inept cutting. It could be because I use a craft knife and not the cutters the advertise on ebay.

Anyway my bed is calling. If anyone has any requests of nails they would like to see let me know and I will see what I can do. Also if you know how to cure the peeling nail situation I would be eternally grateful, if it helps I always get peeling nails when I wear nail varnish for over 2 months.
Thanks for reading I'll take some better photos tomorrow xoxox

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