Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Possible Chanel Black Pearl Dupe

I've had this a while and been meaning to swatch it for my blog. When I saw Black Pearl by Chanel I thought I've got that colour what do you think?
This is Black Ice by Lil' Bling. The above was 2 coats with no top coat. I think it was £6 from Boots. The formula is nice. The brush is the normal Barry M, Models Own etc type brush. 15ml so good size for the money.
I think Chanel is slightly green from the swatches I have seen online but not massively different. So do you think this is close enough or do you need the £16.85 Chanel version?
Stacie xoxox 


  1. Loveeee this - I'd say quite dupe worthy really!

    Definitely wouldn't pay £15 + on one polish.

    Fee x

  2. Hi Fee, I haven't seen Black Pearl on anyone irl but from the pics I think that this is a pretty good dupe. I agree £16 is too much. £10 is pushing it for me.
    Stacie xoxox