Monday, 20 June 2011

Holiday Manicure - I'm off to Italy

Hi Everyone!
I'm leaving my house in 5 hours so I really should be asleep but I wanted to share my manicure for my holiday. It's not your usual holiday manicure but it does match most of the clothes I've packed. I wear alot of black! 
I started with a coat of Nail Envy, then a coat of Sallys Express Gelous, then a coat of China Glaze in Cheers to you and then one coat of MUA Shade 2 (black). I love MUA in Shade 2 it is so pigmented. It's small but mighty XD You can buy it at Superdrug. 
I freestyled with some nail art pens in silver, light blue, pale pink and a corally colour. The silver and coral ones were in set from Asda called Fing'rs (i think that is the brand). I got the inspiration from a design I saw in the summer Nail Venus (you can google it and find it if you want to have a look) The original design was coral and lemon base with lots of colors on top. I think it was a nice festival look.

Excuse the open wound and clean up job! I managed to trap my finger in the kitchen cupboard earlier today and am in a bit of a hurry. I should be a sleep 4 hours ago but I didn't want to go without sharing my manicure with you XD
Also Rowan at Nailart Addicted was kind enough to give me a Leibster award. I haven't got time to do it but I just wanted to say thank you! I do appreciate it x
I'm not taking my laptop away but I'm taking my ipod touch so will be tumbl'n where I can. I will try to get lots of haulage and take lots of pictures to share with you all. My tumblr is here
Thank you all so much for following my blog. I know I don't post that often but my nails would be falling apart if I changed my nails daily.
I will miss you all
Stacie xoxox

Friday, 17 June 2011

Nail Blog Round Up

Grace was inspired by Cosmo to create this cute summer manicure
Ladyluck had fun with her French manicure
Sharon created a holographic leopard design
The Nail Addict tested and reviewed P2 crackle
Stacie freestyled with black, blue and holographic polishes
Claire was inspired by her Swatch watch
Sarah stamped a stylized pastel peacock design
Lena watched the trends for summer
Pink Wednesday was rosey for Jen
Ari entered a competition
That’s so fresh stamped on China Glaze yellow polka dot bikini
Lingling announced the winners of her contest

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nail Rock Nail Wraps and Ciate nail polish reviews

I was lucky enough to be asked to review* Nail Rock Nail Wraps.

So I chose the pink snakeskin and metallic lizard. In a pack you get 24 stickers, 2 of each size. The instructions on the back are clear you basically pick the nearest size to the nails you want and then you buff your nails to remove the shine (so they stick), trim the stickers to fit the nail if they are too big and then stick them down. You then heat with a hairdryer (they recommend a travel one as best) to get proper adhesion.
I found metallic lizard is not that metallic. It's a nice lizard pattern but it isn't chrome or reflective like metal if you know what I mean. I put these on my fingers at 9pm on a tuesday evening and they were off by 4pm Wednesday. During that time I had washed up, had bath, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. 2 nails started to peel off. My thumbs showed no signs of wear and tear before I took them off and I think this is because I had put these on better. My critical error was that I didn't buff the nails well enough down the sides of my nails you must remove the shine for them to stick properly.

As you can see they started to peel away at the edges. I had put the pink snakeskin on my toes but I won't subject you to the images!!
I really like Nail Rock nail wraps but I don't think they are an everyday thing. I had enough nail wraps to do full hands and toes and have an accent nail on one manicure which I think represents good value. I think they would be fantastic for a night out and would be great for a festival as they wouldn't be exposed to a lot of hot water. My toes lasted 4 days which I thought was good considering I had to wear socks because the weather changed! I think they would have lasted longer if hadn't got sock fluff on them.
Removal is easy you just warm them gently with a hair dryer and peel. Leaving your nails damage free :D

You can buy Nail Rock from and they cost £6.65 a pack.

In the Pink Snakeskin picture above the polish I am wearing is Ciate nail polish* in knickerbockerglory which is a bright pink that looks almost red unless it is next to red then you can tell it is pink :D. I wore it again over the weekend and my mum commented on how beautiful and shiny my nails looked she said they looked like hand model nails (love my mummy XD). The polish lasted beautifully, applied well and was really shiny. The brush is slightly flat, not big like OPI but not a skinny runt brush either. Application was so simple as the polish was really pigmented and I could have got away with one coat. I was really impressed as this is the first Ciate nail polish I have used. I haven't tried them before as I had heard some bad reviews of it a few years ago and it is not a brand they sell in shops near me. I will be buying more Ciate for sure and have already got my eye on Skinny Jeans, Super Poke and Headliner.
You can buy Ciate polishes at Ciate
Edited to add Ciate Polishes cost £9 and they have sale on some colours at the moment!

* I was sent them for free by a PR company to review but the opinion given in my true feelings :D

Blue mani with Holographic accent

I wasn't sure what to do but I wanted to use my treasured GOSH holographic and Next 'get the look' in blue. I used silver, holographic and black nail art pens for the details

I tried to do raise studs with the silver pen but when I put Seche Vite on top it flattened it all out!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post I appreciate them so much

Stacie xoxox

Friday, 10 June 2011

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Cath Kidston inspired Strawberries

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What a beautiful day it was yesterday! I finally got round to another Cath Kidston inspired manicure. This time I chose her Strawberry Oilcloth.

I used Seche Restore for the first basecoat and then Gelous advanced nail gel coat from Sallys for the next coat.
First colour on was Barry M in blueberry Ice cream number 306
I then used Models Own Snow White to outline the whole shapes and added in colours. I used Models Own Grace Green, Barry M Mint green and China Glaze phat santa (christmas 2010) bought at Sallys

This is the first time I have tried this design and it turned out ok I'm sure I will think of ways to improve it though XD
Stacie xoxox

Friday, 3 June 2011

Blog round up

 Emily showed us how to do her fantastic tiger design 
Grace showed us her amazing Jessie J inspired manicure 
Trisha tried out Sinful Colors peach 
Ladyluck tried out Hard Candy Beetle 
Lena felt a bit cheeky 
Sarah stamped a fluttery design 
Theresa caught up on the latest trends 
Sharon water marbled with some awesome holographic polishes 
Stacie created some pastel stripes and flowers 
Lingling met Deborah Lippmann! 
Jen gave us a great gradient tutorial 
Ari tried out Sephora by OPI silver shatter 
Finally introducing Alhrayth’s blog

If you want to be introduced on the blog round up please email me

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Pink stripes with flowers

I did these nails to go shopping on Tuesday. I didn't have time to take great pictures but I thought I would share them anyway as it's nice to have ideas. I think I saw something similar in a japanese nail art mag but I can't remember which one.

Stacie xoxox

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Some New Polishes and a Chanel Mimosa style franken

I had another go at making a franken. I love the idea of chanel Mimosa but don't love the price. I'm sure one day I will splurge on a Chanel nail polish just to have one in my collection.
I used a little of collection 2000 lemon drop, Models own lemon and some of a yellow nail art pen which had some microshimmer in it. I also used quarter of a bottle of top coat as well to make it shiny and jelly-ish.

 I've also bought a few polishes which I thought I would share
Models own - Navy, Grace Green and silver shatter, Ruby and Millie in 610C and 600P and Bourjois Bleu asphalte

Ruby and Millie are currently £2.50 and the nail polishes seem to be the last bits left on the stand. The 610C is a creme polish and the 600P has a shimmer they are the same colour


I applied the shimmer over the blue as it is very very watery and would take 6+ coats to reach opacity which I would never ever bother with!
Next is Grace Green. As I have mentioned many times before I love Models Own polishes this is a great consistency and can cover in one coat

 Next is Models Own Navy

And finally is Models Own Silver Shatter
I do like this but it doesn't have the same silvery-ness (that is now a word because I said so) as it has in the bottle. I was a little bit disappointed. Which is a shame because as I have said I love Models Own polishes.
And finally Bourjois Bleu Asphalte

This is a lovely polish really nice and shiny with great colour and coverage. This was one coat.

Models own can be bought on the website or Boots. The polishes are £5 and the shatter is £6 and I got them on a 3 for 2 deal on Saturday.
Bourjois can be bought in most retailers I got mine from Boots for £5.99 but I got as part of 3 for 2 across beauty products.
Gosh that ended up being a long post! A couple more pics for luck XD

Stacie xoxox