Friday, 28 January 2011

Cath Kidston Inspired Vintage Nails

It was my BFF's birthday on Tuesday and she adores Cath Kidston. So I have been spending a lot of time on the website and this inspired this...

The thumb, middle and little finger were inspired by this design - image is taken from the Cath Kidston website found here

The index and ring finger were inspired by this fabric also found here

But I changed the background colour to blue.
I used Barry M in Blueberry Ice cream for the background and Mint Green for the light foliage
For the white I used Models Own Snow White
For the pinks I used the Nails Inc heathered grey and plum from the Diet Coke Promotion in Boots.
I also used a little acrylic paint for the dark green, Sinful Colors Strong Nails as a base and Seche Vite as top coat.
I hope you like them :-D I am quite pleased with them but I think I went a little too heavy on the floral part on the ring finger nail. I prefer the look on the index finger nail. I think the effect is pretty good overall anyway.
The most accurate photo colour wise is the last one.


  1. :O I found your blog off and... these nails are amazing! Wish I could do something like this.

  2. Thanks Steph. I honestly wouldn't have thought I could have done it until a few weeks ago. Its lovely to know someone is reading my blog too so a very big thanks xoxox

  3. They are so intricate and delicate! I would never have the patience to do anything like that! I dont think I have seen anything like this before either.


  4. very pretty..let's go to see my spring nail art there :D

  5. You must have some serious patience to do something as intricate at this :) Looks fantastic! xxx

  6. I'd give up after 5 minutes, no way would I ever be able to get my nails to look so amazing as you have! I'd love to try something like this but I so haven't got the patience, can't wait to read more of your blogs!

  7. Seriously, you are ridiculously talented. I have no idea how you manage to make something so small, look so amazingly detailed. You rawk (I'm doing 'devil fingers' - but you can't see). :)

  8. omgosh! this is amazing! i wish my nails were long enough! you have so much talent and patience!!!

  9. Any ideas for short nails which must stay short for guitar?

  10. amazing :-O how did you do it? Like, which brush/pencil did you use?