Saturday, 22 January 2011

Floral Nails - with better photos!

So the post from phone worked ok apart from the terrible picture!

The background polish on the thumb, middle and little fingers is Boots 17 Lasting Fix in Mint Choc Chip and the flowers are painted on by hand with phat santa (below), Nails inc in Heather Grey (free one with 2 bottle of diet coke at Boots), white nail art pen and I used dark green acrylic paint for the leaves. I just used a normal fine paint brush that I got from Dunelm (was a pack of 8 for £4 in the sale)
The background polish on the index and ring fingers is China Glaze Phat Santa (Loves) and rhinestones.
For all nails I used Sinful Colors True Colours Non Yellowing as base coat and Seche Vite for top coat.
As  I said in my previous post I was inspired by Japanese nail art magazine Nail Up July 2010.

I really like this look I hope it lasts all week. Will have to top up the top coat to try and make it last. Sorry not very well cleaned around the nails was trying to take pics before light faded completely. Roll on summer!


  1. Oh my goodness, I love them! I honestly thought the floral nails were those fake stick on things! I'm so happy they aren't (I HATE fake sticky nails >:(

    Oooo, I have an idea... I got that "stylish blogger award" thing and I was supposed to tag 15 people but I only tagged 14, so now I'm adding YOU!
    YAY! ok it's on my blog;


  2. Aw thanks so much! I feel like a proper blogger and everything now.
    It was simpler than I thought it would be I just used a paint brush and built up layers of the colours until it looked like a rose from a distance. I'm sure you can tell by the poor clean up that they are painted :-D I can't stand fake nails or whole nail stickers either.

  3. I could never use fake nails, they irritate me! I love the rhinestones on the red nails, whenever I wear nail polish it always chips and I always go over the edges of my nails and onto my fingers! But yours are PERFECTION!