Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nautical Hearts

One of the first designs I actually took pictures of was a nautical heart design. I don't think I copied this idea from a magazine I think I started to do something and it evolved into this. I was definitely influenced by a summer Japanese nail art magazine spread though it’s not a scheme that springs to mind in the depths of winter!

For the background colour I used models own in true blue available here
For the nail art I used nail art pens that I got from eBay. I won't say where because the ones I got were cheap but I wouldn't recommend them. The black and white especially (i.e. the ones I use the most) have got very thick quickly and half the pens I got were no good because the glitter doesn't fit through the pen. They also have a brush so they can be used just not fully.

This was the first design where I tried to draw something with the pens so I’m pretty pleased with it. Sorry the photographs aren’t the best. I will have to learn how to take good photographs of nails. 

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