Friday, 18 November 2011

Scaley nails

I had an idea to create a fish scale look using hexagon shaped glitter shapes I got from ebay. As it was an experiment I tried it over different colours.

I got the idea from some of the fashion shows but I can't remember which one to link it! It was a dress with large paliettes irridencent all over. From top to bottom it is Boots 17 Soda Pop with orange glitter shapes, China Glaze Light As Air with clear irridencent glitter shapes, China Glaze Re-Fresh-Mint with blue glitter shapes, OPI Who the Shrek are you? with green glitter shapes and OPI Rumpoles Wiggin with Purple Glitter shapes.
I didn't wear the multi-coloured manicure it was more of an experiment to see how the different colours worked together.

I think my favourite is China Glaze Light as Air with the irridencent glitter shapes the best but it would be fun to use the green for a mermaid, orange for a goldfish, blue and purple for other fishes. It was really easy to do I painted my nails added a coat of Gelous from Sallys then put each hexagon one at a time then topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite.
I have big plans for these glitter shapes with gel polishes when I finish my course.
Love Stacie xoxox

Monday, 14 November 2011

New fancy Samsung galaxy S2

I got a new phone today. It's lovely, white and really easy to use. Loving that I can use blogger on it even if it takes a while to type.
Florence is growing so quickly. She his 16 weeks old now and very energetic.
Last week wss very exciting too I had the first 2days of my ibd gel nail course. I really enjoyed it. We have to do 5 sets of nails so if anyone is in the hatfield area who has natural nails, has no diseased nails, is not pregnant and would be free for a rebalance in 2 weeks drop me a line I would be grateful for the practice. I already have 3 guinea pigs so only need 2 more. The other point i should mention is that they do not soak off so you would have to fade them out if you didn't want to keep having them filled and balanced.

The nails in the pic are my first set ever i did on myself then i painted as usual. I am very impressed with polish wear on gel nails. No tip wear in 2 days is unheard of for me. Colour is models own champagne base and purple ash blobs and nail art pen.

Thanks for reading i hope to be blogging more soon but puppy and my course are taking up lots of time at the moment
Love Stacie xoxox