Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dark angel wings and red roses

I massed up a few ideas and came up with this
 Excuse the shady clean up. My cuticles are really dry so I'm trying not to use acetone on them too much. So I used Barry M in black for the base, the roses were Boots No7 in Siren and Collection 2000 Hot Looks in green for the leaves. The wings were white nail art pen with Barry M in 288 and I used OPI not like the movies for the detail on the wings. The details on the roses was black and white polish.

Do you think the photos are a bit better than normal? The seem more true to life in colour... yes I am *that* pale XD
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Stacie xoxox

Monday, 28 March 2011

Angel Wings

Hi Everyone
Not much to say with these nails. Background colour is Models Own Blooboo and white is a nail art pen and the fine detail is Not Like The Movies. I used NLTM because it is dark but has a shimmer so I thought it would look more angelic.

I hope you guys like it 
Love Stacie xoxox

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Who wants to join a nail blog round up?

I was thinking about organizing a Nail blog round up. Basically I would put together a post with all the links you would send me of your favourite post from that week and we would all post it on our blogs.
Anybody interested? Email me
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Friday, 25 March 2011

Roses and Bows Tutorial using Essie French Affair Cube

I thought the colours in the Essie French Affair Cube were perfect for a little bit of vintage roses and bows. I also had a twitter request from @JPC_ for a tutorial so I decided to start with this one. 

 So on to the tutorial.
A few things to bear in mind. You need some fine brushes. If you haven't got any then you can cut down a normal one as shown here (This woman has mad skillz I want to be like her when I grow up XD)

You can use Gouache or Acrylic paint for the details if you prefer. I prefer to use polish but lots of people use paint because you can make it more fluid and easier to move around.
Think about the object your trying to make as shapes and then high and low lights. For example the rose is basically a circle with dark and light areas to give the impression of petals. 
Polishes used: Essie french affair, coat azure, topless & barefoot and Nice is nice. See this post for more details. I also used Models Own in True Blue and Blooboo for the high and low lights and New 17 Supreme Shine in Wave (will swatch soon but basically an aqua)
Ok first things first get your nails ready for business and apply the main colours. I used Nice is Nice on the index and ring finger, and Topless and Barefoot on the others. 
As you can see I have smudged it on the ring finger but before I added the blue for the rose base I smoothed it out with a little acetone on a normal size brush. Worked well I didn't need to redo the finger.
Next you need to apply 'blobs' of blue which are the base shape for the roses on the beige fingers and then use the fine brush and darker polish to paint lines to show the petals. These shapes can be vague.
Then add the highlights.
You then add little triangle shapes for the leaves
Now the true magic happens when you add the topcoat! A good coating of Seche Vite. 
It blends the polishes for you gives you the full rose effect. 
I didn't take pictures of the bow as it's past midnight and I have to be up very early tomorrow. Basically same principle bow shape in main colour add some low lights in your dark colour and high lights in light. Top coat and off you go! 

Ta da!

I hope you enjoyed that! I saw the original rose design in a Nail Up or Nail Venus magazine from Japan. I don't know who actually did the design there are a few versions.
Thanks for reading
Stacie xoxox 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Liebster Award!

The lovely Leanne at Obsessive Cosmetics Disorder awarded me the Leibster award. To quote Leanne "The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers.  If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more blogs."

So then I had to think of 3 blogs I love with less than 300 followers. I seriously can't. I follow loads of fantastic blogs which are, like me, babies!  I honestly can't chose I just had a look at how many subscriptions I have and it is currently 280. Please have a look at my blog roll and click on the links. There are tons of fantastic nail blogs as well as amazing beauty and fashion blogs. 
I am going to change the blog roll to include pictures so it entices people to click! Oh also visit Lemonemily as she gave me an award a while back that I didn't have time to do that properly either.
Thanks again Leanne sorry I am too rubbish to chose other blogs.
Oh please comment and leave your blog link I will check them all out and give you a follow XD
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17 Gold Shatter

Oh it is so nice! Won't bore you with words just look at this pretty!

Top picture the crackle is on Revlon Passion Fruit which is a raspberry purple. In the other pictures it's on top of OPI Not Like The Movies. I love that it's not a brassy gold more or a silver gold. It dried matt and I finished it with Seche Vite but it still didn't really shine it was more of a satin. I'm glad I found something I could wear over Not Like The Movies too! 

I think this is a lovely polish! It was in my local boots which is a small one so I would think it is anywhere there is a 17 counter and it costs £3.99 at the moment it is 3 for 2.
Thanks for visiting
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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More polishes for free - Essie French Affair Spring Cube

I also got Essie French Affair Spring Cube with the remaining vouchers for I chose this because I wanted to try Nice is Nice and Coat Azure. You also get French Affair and Topless & Barefoot

First up is Coat Azure
Next is Nice is Nice

Third up is French Affair
And lastly is Topless & Barefoot

Sorry these are a bit blurry but they are the most accurate for colour so I wanted to include them.

I really like these. They are small at 5ml each which some people may prefer but at £16.95 I wouldn't pay for it with really money. Clubcard vouchers is fine though XD I think if you are really lemming for a collection this could be a nice way to do it especially if you don't use your polishes very quickly.
I would also like to say the service from was amazing. I ordered it late on Monday evening and I would have got it by 11am today if I had heard the postman!
Lot of Love
Stacie xoxox

OPI Polishes for free!

I swapped £20 of clubcard vouchers into £40 to spend at which is a great deal! Money for nothing! 
First up I got OPI Lil Shooters set which contains Austin-Tatious Turquoise, I Vant to be a-lone star, Do you think I'm Tex-y and Rapidry topcoat.
I was surprised by the size. I know I should have read the description better but each polish is 3.75ml. Look at the difference in size!

As you can see I also got Not Like The Movies.

Left to right is Do You Think I'm Tex-y?, Austin-Tatious Turquoise, I Vant to be a-lone star and Not Like The Movies. I was disappointed with them all. I really wanted to try Texy and Lone Star from the new Texas collection. First issue was that because I got the Lil Shooters the brushes are tiddy so it was hard to get the polishes on nicely - which is odd considering most stuff I do I uses much smaller brushes! Second was how sheer they are - I know Texy is a 'sorbet' but after the 3 recommended coats you can see the nail line in the above picture. All my nails are stained and that is the only one you can see the line on. I do really like the colour of Texy and if you like jellies these are nice. 
I also thought that A-lone star would be more blue. It looks like a very pale grey on my skin tone which was disappointing. Not Like the Movies looked like a grey with pinky purple shimmers on the pictures and swatches I had seen so I really wanted to try it. Unfortunately on my nails it looks nothing like the swatch picture.

I wish it looked like the picture above in real life but to me it is very green. Not bright grass green but a goldy grey green. Shame. It's also sheer. 
On the positive sides I will say that I like the brushes on the full sizes. 
I know that it must be me. So many people LOVE OPI but they just don't do it for me. If I could have Models Own or Barry M in the OPI bottles I would be a very happy girl. I won't write off OPI though I'm sure in the future they will release something I absolutely have to have XD
Lots of Love 
Stacie xoxox

Actually this is what angels wear

So after I took the peacock feathers off and wanted to try something a little darker under the Barry M 288. I tried it over Essie Merino cool and I am loving the results. Barry M 288 is a very fine glitter - maybe glimmer (mixture of glitter and shimmer) in a clear base. 

In the bottle it looks like it should be a metalic foil on the nails and when I bought it 4 years for a christmas party I was very disappointed that it wasn't a full metallic. I'm so glad I found it again.
Much love
Stacie xoxox

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Peacock nails

Hi everyone 
I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I have been giving my nails a rest and scouring the web for inspiration. There have been a lot of Peacock nails around at the moment and I'm not one to be left out! 
The base coat was Seche Rebuild. I then used a coat of models own nude beige. I do this when I am using colours where I want to get rid of the nail line without having to use tons of coats or I want a sheer look. I then put on a coat of Barry M Nail Paint in 288 which is a very sheer silver colour. Next I put some Boots No7 Totally Teal on some tinfoil and thinned it with Orly polish thinner and applied it with a small fan shaped brush. I then painted the main shape with the teal polish straight from the bottle. Next I drew the teardrop shape again but slightly smaller with NYC empire state blue and then smaller again with Models Own Champagne. I then used NYC blue for a circle and Orly Witches Blue for the small centre circle. I then topped it with Models Own top and base coat because I knew I was taking it off but wanted to blend it all together for the pictures. 

 Unfortunately they look a bit too much like eyes and freaked me out a bit so I have already taken them off! Sorry for the poor clean up. I did try to clean them all with acetone and a brush but it didn't work too well :/
I wanted to show you how lovely Models own Nude Beige and Barry M 288 look together. I think this is what angels wear on their fingers :D 

The pictures don't quite convey how pretty and princess this is! I am going to try it over some more polishes soon. This could be my latest obession :D
Thanks so much to everyone who made it this far XD I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and LOVE getting you comments 
Much love
Stacie xoxox

Friday, 18 March 2011


I thought you would like to see some pictures of my baby bunny Bluebell. She looks cute but she is actually quite grumpy and aloof!

Old nail art - grey leopard and pink checks

I was looking through my computer and found some nails I did before I started blogging. The photo's aren't great I was just keeping a record of what I had done but I thought it would be fun to share with you.

First one is a black and pink check. This is my easy go to nails when I can't think what to do as there are so many combinations that it still looks different. On this one I went a bit mad with the rhinestones on the ring finger. Oh I hadn't cleaned up either :D
Next was a grey leopard
I think this was Nails Inc plum on the 'half moon' with Barry M Grey with black and gold eyeliners from GOSH. They are really waterproof and worked ok but nail art pens are better.
Thanks for stopping by XD
Love Stacie xoxox