Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Peacock nails

Hi everyone 
I hope you've had a lovely weekend. I have been giving my nails a rest and scouring the web for inspiration. There have been a lot of Peacock nails around at the moment and I'm not one to be left out! 
The base coat was Seche Rebuild. I then used a coat of models own nude beige. I do this when I am using colours where I want to get rid of the nail line without having to use tons of coats or I want a sheer look. I then put on a coat of Barry M Nail Paint in 288 which is a very sheer silver colour. Next I put some Boots No7 Totally Teal on some tinfoil and thinned it with Orly polish thinner and applied it with a small fan shaped brush. I then painted the main shape with the teal polish straight from the bottle. Next I drew the teardrop shape again but slightly smaller with NYC empire state blue and then smaller again with Models Own Champagne. I then used NYC blue for a circle and Orly Witches Blue for the small centre circle. I then topped it with Models Own top and base coat because I knew I was taking it off but wanted to blend it all together for the pictures. 

 Unfortunately they look a bit too much like eyes and freaked me out a bit so I have already taken them off! Sorry for the poor clean up. I did try to clean them all with acetone and a brush but it didn't work too well :/
I wanted to show you how lovely Models own Nude Beige and Barry M 288 look together. I think this is what angels wear on their fingers :D 

The pictures don't quite convey how pretty and princess this is! I am going to try it over some more polishes soon. This could be my latest obession :D
Thanks so much to everyone who made it this far XD I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and LOVE getting you comments 
Much love
Stacie xoxox


  1. Very clever - they do look a little like the evil eye design! Love the color choices.

  2. That is beyond gorgeous!!! I love peacock feathers! Girl, you have some skills to do that! I can barely paint mine without gooping up the cuticles!!! x jeanie

  3. Very pretty hun, a little bit eyeish yes, but still damn clever x

  4. very pretty!! love the comboo

  5. Hey, I'v been planning to do a peacock mani as well :D

    And thanks for your comment on my blog btw :)

  6. Thanks for all the lovely comments! Pictures still freak me out. Too eyeball looking XD