Thursday, 17 March 2011

Black and red flowers

Hi everyone! I've gone global! I was checking my stats on blogger and my page views had shot right up. After fainting I looked where they had come from and it was! I hope you don't think I am showing off I am just so happy and surprised XD
Anyway I know you don't visit to listen to me so without any further ado 
I wanted to do something a little bit darker but I like to have high contrast. Things like zebra print always appeal to me because of the contrast of colours.
I used Seche Rebuild as the base coat then 1 coat of Nails Inc caramel colour (the free one with diet coke promotions last month) and then Boots No7 in Siren. The reason for using the caramel was to eliminate the visible nail line. I then used a black nail art pen to draw the flower-ish designs. Next I used a little seche vite to glue down some rhinestones. The nail art pen and rhinestones were ones I picked up on ebay. 
Thanks for visiting 
Stacie xoxox


  1. Ahh so pretty hun!I love the caramel too, I really want the London Nails Inc polish I missed out on that! Have you tried water marbling for your nails? Check YT for vids, I think they'd look great on you! xx

  2. Hi Stace I've seen them on YT but to be honest it's too messy for my liking! I'm sure curiousity will get the better of me one day though XD
    Stace xoxox

  3. it's look so pretty, really stand out!
    it's looked like nail decal!

  4. did it on my toes for my cus's wedding, she liked it so i'm happy!!