Wednesday, 23 March 2011

More polishes for free - Essie French Affair Spring Cube

I also got Essie French Affair Spring Cube with the remaining vouchers for I chose this because I wanted to try Nice is Nice and Coat Azure. You also get French Affair and Topless & Barefoot

First up is Coat Azure
Next is Nice is Nice

Third up is French Affair
And lastly is Topless & Barefoot

Sorry these are a bit blurry but they are the most accurate for colour so I wanted to include them.

I really like these. They are small at 5ml each which some people may prefer but at £16.95 I wouldn't pay for it with really money. Clubcard vouchers is fine though XD I think if you are really lemming for a collection this could be a nice way to do it especially if you don't use your polishes very quickly.
I would also like to say the service from was amazing. I ordered it late on Monday evening and I would have got it by 11am today if I had heard the postman!
Lot of Love
Stacie xoxox


  1. These colours look gorgeous! I love Coat Azure and Topless and Barefoot! I don't think my other half would let me spend our vouchers on beauty stuff, he loves getting money off the shopping! lol xx

  2. My other half didn't really want me to until I explained we only get £20 off shopping but I would save £40 on nail polish. Bless him he knows I will still spend the same but he let me anyway. Probably why we've been together for 14 years XD
    Stacie xoxox