Wednesday, 2 March 2011


To practice I bought a massive box of Royal Nail tips which are longer than most peoples nails let alone tips! Anyway I thought these would be perfect to practice nail art ideas on. I thought I would show you some of the ideas that I probably won't use as a manicure.
As you can see the they are all questionable in their own way but practice makes perfect!
I also had an idea today
I just need to work on a way to improve it. It's a promising idea though.
Stacie xoxox 


  1. thats a cute bunny!! <3

    Nice to meet you~ =D

  2. i really like some of the practice ones! the navy and white polka dots really appeal to me actually, and the gradient youve done looks really good!
    i ADORE the blossom tree and bunny!!! Easter soon so you can rock that look!
    Em x

  3. Thanks! I think the bunny will feature in a mani soon after some development =D The gradient looks good in the picture but not so much in real life.
    Stacie xoxox