Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Nail Rock Nail Wraps and Ciate nail polish reviews

I was lucky enough to be asked to review* Nail Rock Nail Wraps.

So I chose the pink snakeskin and metallic lizard. In a pack you get 24 stickers, 2 of each size. The instructions on the back are clear you basically pick the nearest size to the nails you want and then you buff your nails to remove the shine (so they stick), trim the stickers to fit the nail if they are too big and then stick them down. You then heat with a hairdryer (they recommend a travel one as best) to get proper adhesion.
I found metallic lizard is not that metallic. It's a nice lizard pattern but it isn't chrome or reflective like metal if you know what I mean. I put these on my fingers at 9pm on a tuesday evening and they were off by 4pm Wednesday. During that time I had washed up, had bath, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom. 2 nails started to peel off. My thumbs showed no signs of wear and tear before I took them off and I think this is because I had put these on better. My critical error was that I didn't buff the nails well enough down the sides of my nails you must remove the shine for them to stick properly.

As you can see they started to peel away at the edges. I had put the pink snakeskin on my toes but I won't subject you to the images!!
I really like Nail Rock nail wraps but I don't think they are an everyday thing. I had enough nail wraps to do full hands and toes and have an accent nail on one manicure which I think represents good value. I think they would be fantastic for a night out and would be great for a festival as they wouldn't be exposed to a lot of hot water. My toes lasted 4 days which I thought was good considering I had to wear socks because the weather changed! I think they would have lasted longer if hadn't got sock fluff on them.
Removal is easy you just warm them gently with a hair dryer and peel. Leaving your nails damage free :D

You can buy Nail Rock from and they cost £6.65 a pack.

In the Pink Snakeskin picture above the polish I am wearing is Ciate nail polish* in knickerbockerglory which is a bright pink that looks almost red unless it is next to red then you can tell it is pink :D. I wore it again over the weekend and my mum commented on how beautiful and shiny my nails looked she said they looked like hand model nails (love my mummy XD). The polish lasted beautifully, applied well and was really shiny. The brush is slightly flat, not big like OPI but not a skinny runt brush either. Application was so simple as the polish was really pigmented and I could have got away with one coat. I was really impressed as this is the first Ciate nail polish I have used. I haven't tried them before as I had heard some bad reviews of it a few years ago and it is not a brand they sell in shops near me. I will be buying more Ciate for sure and have already got my eye on Skinny Jeans, Super Poke and Headliner.
You can buy Ciate polishes at Ciate
Edited to add Ciate Polishes cost £9 and they have sale on some colours at the moment!

* I was sent them for free by a PR company to review but the opinion given in my true feelings :D


  1. Since they come off with the hair dryer, i wonder if showering in hot water makes them come off too?

  2. Love the black one! I agree about the shower question. If you test it out, I'd love to know how it worked.

  3. I love it!
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  4. i have tried one kind of nail wraps recently, it is very good,easily apply and look fantastic. it is the right products for holiday! It save your time to make it!