Friday, 13 May 2011

Nails Inc In Style Candy Orange with Gold

I bought the latest issue of In Style and got the orange. I am tempted to buy the other 2 colours but I have similar colours in my collection and I am trying very hard not to double up as much. I'm going to Italy in June and want to save my nail polish pennies for some different and new polishes. 
I don't really like orange but this looked ok. 
I decided gold would look nice in a free hand pattern. 
 The gold I used was China Glaze Christmas 2010 collection Midnight Kiss.
I wore that for a day and then decided to add some bright blue in the mix. I thought it looked a bit bland. I used a blue nail art pen and blue rhinestones I got both very cheaply on ebay.

I don't really like it to be honest! I took it off when i got home from work the next day. 
It looked better before I got carried away with the rhinestones but I do like the idea. I think I will try some different colours next time 
Stacie xoxox 

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  1. I also liked it better before the rhinestones. I have been looking for inspiration to use my orange nails inc, thanks for sharing! I guess gold stamping will be it!