Saturday, 27 August 2011

Topshop Dalmatian Jumper Inspired nail art

Hi Guys
Thank you for the lovely comments on my last post. I'm still not feeling brilliant but I am chosing to ignore it over the bank holiday weekend. I'll probably spend Monday asleep all day because of that but never mind! 
I'm off for a day out to London tomorrow. We're starting at the Tate and seeing where the day takes us. It will probably take me to a Primarni and a sleek selling Superdrug. And Sallys. And Topshop. I wanted to do some funky nails and when I saw the press releases for Topshop A/W 11 I died when I saw the Dalmatian jumper and HAD to do some nails. if you haven't seen it the Topshop lookbook is here and it's in the new mod section.

I used Color Club in French tip for all the white, Pupa 704 for the black nails and a claires black nail art pen. The red line on the french tip nails is Boots 17 Knockout Red and the bow is hexagon sequiny bits then I drew round them with the nail art pen. to tidy up the bow shape. Not totally neat nails but I think they are funky XD. This was a really easy manicure. I'll break it into steps for you prep nails as you normally would using your favourite basecoats
1. Paint thumb and ring finger white
2. Paint index, middle and little fingers black
3. Paint white tips on black fingers (I used a fine brush)
4. Paint black blotches on the white polished nails and the tips. I found it best to use a nail art pen and jiggle it a bit so the edges are not to smooth and try to be random. 
5. Paint a fine red line where the white tips meet the black nail polish
6. place sequins in a bow shape on both white nails. 
7. Use the nail art pen to outline the sequins and define the bow shape. I also put a few little creases in the bow. 
8. Paint all nails with topcoat. I used Sally's Express Gelous and when that had dried a little a coat of Seche vite.
If you decide to recreate this look please share your links I'd love to see it.
Have fun 
Stacie xoxox


  1. soo cute, i'm loving the tip detail, i did something similar to this,

  2. this is really super cute i love it!

    shel xx

  3. Thats really neat! What type of brushes are you using? How hard is it to get both hands looking the same?