Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I am always instagraming! (is that a word yet?) Usually dog and nail pictures. It's so quick and I usually link it through to my tumblr account too if you prefer tumblr. I've put my pinterest boards link too if you're interested x

Pinterest click here if you need an invite email me
Instagram staciefields
tumblr click here


  1. LOL I'm so old and behind all this - I'm on Pinterest but have no idea what instagram is - have of course heard the word often LOL

  2. Hi Maria
    Instagram is an app you can get for ipad/iphone/ipod touch or android (depending on if it is compatible with your phone)
    It adds different filters to your images and makes even pants pictures look ok! Very good with the poor lighting we have in the winter like summer we've been having
    Thanks for stopping by
    Stacie xoxox