Saturday, 9 July 2011

Buon Giorno Haulage + GOSH Holo dupe

Hi everyone
I got back from Italy this time last week. I had an amazing time. It was the first time in my life that I had travelled outside the UK. I had only ventured as far as Wales last year! We visited Turin for 2 days then on to Milan for 2 days and finally we visited Genoa for 3 days. Amazing friends, weather, food and scenery.
While I was there I got some nail polish. I only bought stuff that I can't buy in the UK as we flew with Ryan Air and didn't get too much luggage allowance XD
I've also picked up a few polishes over here recently that I thought I would share too.

First up I got the News of the World Nails Inc Promotion on the thumb nail is Atomic, and index finger is Omp! I also bought Harpers Bazaar Magazine and got the Leighton Denny in Viva La Diva free on the middle finger. Next I got 17 Fast Finish in showstopper on the ring finger (i think) which is free in the nail bar bag (you have to buy 2 17 products and you get 2 polishes this and pink grapefruit and some nail art stickers). Finally on my little finger is Barry M nail paint in Navy which I actually bought normally! It is a lovely shimmery navy I have had lots of compliments when I wear it.
On my thumb is Bourjois in Bleu Model which is a lovely tiffanys blue. Index finger is Nails Inc beauty collection collaboration with Dove if you buy 2 deodorants you get one free there is this colour and a bright pink, it's not a great polish to be honest. On my middle finger is Ciate in Mojito it is more vibrant in real life it is a lovely polish glossy and good in 2 coats if you like green *__* (I was given this to review by PR). On my ring finger is Kiko Milano which I got in Genova I can't find it so I don't know what colour it is! Finally on my little finger is Marks and Spencer Lasting Perfection in Rainbow. It is much more holographic than in the pic but not quite as good as GOSH and slightly darker in colour too.

The top picture is just M&S Rainbow and the bottom picture is GOSH

Finally I used MUA in shade 2 (black for the base) This is my favourite black at the moment. It is perfect in once coat and lasts well and costs £1 for 6.2ml. I got it free with the 2 bottles of coke in superdrug ages ago. Not quite the Nails Inc Diet Coke offer but the black is really good. 
Anyway on my thumb is Deborah Shine Tech in 60. You can't see it on the thumb because of the black background but it is a sheer purple base with a strong gold shimmer. I will try this on a nude next time.
Index finger is Escence Nail Art Twin in 02 Julia. I love this square holographic chunks in this polish it is very sparkly. I really wish we got Escence polishes in the UK I believe they get them everywhere else in Europe and in the US. Why do they forsake us?? :D
On my middle finger is Nouba in shade 454 which is a flaky polish that goes from red to green. Nice enough polish. 
Ring and little finger is cheap top coat i got free with some nail art crystals or something with as much Holographic paint flakes i could put in there! I got them on Ebay and they are very sparkly! I was hoping to re-create GOSH but that won't happen. It doesn't line up enough. I think it will be good for recreating some glittery style holographics. 
I hope to get some nail art up soon! Sorry for the lack of posts but it has been hectic since I got back from Italy.
Thanks for sticking with me 
Stacie xoxox


  1. Hello! I'm going to Italy in a week so I'm taking notes about your shopping! Here in Spain we've got Essence and it's fantastic! Good and cheap products. I can't understand why in the UK you don't have it! In the other hand we can't find Nyx and other brands, but it's possible to buy them online. There are some shops online for Essence (at least for some products): and (or .es, I can't remember). Kisses from Madrid!

  2. Hey Stacie! So glad to hear you had a fun vacation!

    I've been a reader for a while, but I honestly don't know if I've ever commented! Anyways, I nominated you for a Top 10 Blog award, if you're interested! ♥

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