Monday, 24 September 2012

Layla Holographic Polishes - UK Stockist found!!

Have you been wishing you can get the Layla Holographics from Italy? Well today at Olympia I met the UK stockist of Layla 

You can get them from where the lovely Bryony will be more than happy to help you THIS is the page to order and THIS is the instructions page.
Not only does she do the amazing holographics they also stock the Layla mirror and magnetic polishes 

and the Konad Nail Art plates and sets

They also do soft touch polishes which are like matt effect but not so drab looking I think
You can get these hereJust so you know I have not received anything for writing this post I just thought you guys would appreciate knowing where you can get hold of this awesome holographic goodness in the UK and Bryony is so lovely. 
Free postage on orders over £21 at the moment so go wild!! 
Nail art will be posted soon.. hopefully.. probably?... definitely XD
Stacie xoxox

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  1. Oooh thank you for this! :) I have a silver holographic nail polish but loving the other colours! x