Saturday, 1 March 2014

Wear Teal in March for Ovacome

Barry M are giving 50% of the £2.99 it cost to buy their teal polish number 334, modeled by Terri Dwyer below, that is bought online in march.

Ovarian cancer is called the silent killer because the symptoms are vague and not always picked up by GPs. I had problems for about 2 years with stomach aches they put down to IBS, when I was 25 i saw a different doctor and she thought I may have ovarian cysts she sent me for an ultrasound and they found 2 cysts 7cm in diameter each. They were concerned about their appearance and i was sent to the rapid access clinic, this is where you go if they suspect ovarian cancer, they did blood tests which luckily indicated it probably wasn't cancer and they scheduled surgery to get them removed ASAP. It was a hard surgery which took me a long time to recover from because they couldn't remove them via keyhole. Anyway, the point is look after yourself, if your not happy with your diagnosis keep going to different doctors until you find someone who listens. As with all cancer the earlier you get treated the better your chances
If you're worried about ovarian cancer symptoms check out the link below

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